Kennel Servicesboarding at FVH

We offer boarding services for dogs and cats. All dogs and cats are fed twice daily. If you want your pet to eat a different food, bring it with you when you check-in. Dogs are taken outside to go to the bathroom twice a day. Additional play time is available. We recommend that you not bring blankets or toys because they are often lost or ruined. We provide blankets and towels for all pets.

Vaccination Requirements:

It is required that all boarders be current on all vaccinations (including Bordetella for dogs within the last 6 months). If the vaccinations were given at a different hospital, you must bring in the vaccination certificates when you check-in. No self-given vaccinations are acknowledged.

Fee Requirements:

Prepayment is required for new clients and clients who have not been to our hospital in over three years. Established clients who will be boarding their pet for more than three weeks need to pre-pay for half of the boarding. New clients unsure of how long their pet will be boarded, need to pre-pay for at least a week of boarding and then make payments weekly. Prices are charged per night. Pets that need medications have additional costs.

Please Complete, Sign and Submit the Boarding Release Form Below.
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