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Kennel Housing and Care for Cats & Dogs

We offer indoor boarding services for both cats and dogs. The facility is heated or air conditioned as needed and provided with clean blankets, fresh water and generous, high quality food.

Cats are kept in a separate quarter than our dogs whom are taken outside for a 5-10 minute walk twice a day.   You are welcome to bring and leave items from home such as a blanket, or toy, yet the return of such items can not be guaranteed.

Requirements For Boarding

  1. All animals must be current on all vaccinations. (proof of vaccines from a veterinarian is required.
  2. Vaccines must be given at least 3 days prior to boarding if they are overdue.
  3. Dogs must have had Bordetella Vaccinations in the past 12 months and be current on DHPP & Rabies.
  4. Cats must have had L in the past 12 months and be current on FDRC/ Rabies)
  5. All animals must be free of external parasites (ex.ticks, fleas, etc.), or they will be treated at owner’s expense.
  6. Fairfield Veterinary Hospital has my permission to do whatever is necessary should an emergency arise.
  7. If sedation is necessary for treatment or handling, Fairfield Veterinary Hospital has my permission to administer medication.
  8. Pets may be dropped off or picked up during regular hours only. We are open 7:30-6 M-F and 8-1 Sat. We are closed on all major holidays and close at 1:00 on Christmas Eve.
  9. If a pet becomes ill or an injury develops during their stay, Owner agrees to pay for medical treatment and medications.
  10. Fairfield VH does not guarantee that any pet will not develop disease or incur an injury while boarding.
  11. Dogs in heat may not board.
  12. Prices are per pet and for each night. A night shall consist as beginning after closing.
  13. A $20.00 (refundable within 72 hours notice) deposit is required to hold a boarding reservation.

boarding release_tile

Please fill out and submit the Boarding Release Form.