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Treatment Plans Require Informed Diagnosis

Fairfield VH utilizes laboratory procedures and equipment to give your pet an accurate diagnosis.  With regular exams and chemical analysis your pet will receive the best of care.

Intestinal Parasite Control Recommendations

Preventing intestinal parasites is not only important for your pet, it is vital for your family’s safety as well. Several parasites of dogs and cats can cause disease in humans. Although this is rare in our area, the consequences can be devastating when it does occur.

Therefore, we are making the following recommendations for intestinal parasite and Heartworm control:

Puppy and Kitten de-Worming Recommendations

  • We recommend that puppies and kittens be de-wormed at 2, 4, 6, 8, and 12 weeks of age and then monthly until at least six months old, because puppies and kittens are often re-infected via nursing and from the environment.
  • We recommend that the mother be de-wormed along with the puppies or kittens while they are living at home.
  • Puppies should begin a monthly heartworm and intestinal parasite control program at 8 weeks of age. It is best if it is given year-round. Adult dog and cat de-worming recommendations DOGS

Adult Dog and Cat deWorming Recommendations

  • Adult dogs should receive heartgard plus once a month and will not need additional deworming unless worms are noticed. However, if it hasn’t received the initial sets of deworming, it should receive at least one dose of strongid-t dose when starting heartgard.
  • Adult dogs that are not on heartgard plus should be de-wormed with strongid-t at least twice a year and have an intestinal parasite exam yearly.


  • ALL CATS should be dewormed AT LEAST once a year, but preferably twice a year
  • Adult cats that go outside regularly should be dewormed regularly. At least every 3-4 months.

Additional Steps at Home

  • Keep play areas, lawns, and gardens around your home free of animal waste
  • Cover sandboxes when not in use *Obey leash laws
  • Never feed partially cooked or raw meat
  • Provide fresh, potable water

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