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 Protect & Prevent

Prevent illness with regular vaccinations.

To help ensure the protection of your pet and other pets, we recommend that pets be vaccinated for commonly communicable diseases. We only use the very best quality vaccinations. Pets vaccination needs are determined by their species, age, and risk factors. We are always happy to educate our clients on which vaccinations are recommended for their pets.


Fairfield V.H. recommends that adult dogs receive annual vaccinations.  The veterinarian will examine your dog at each vaccine visit.

The vaccinations that we recommend are:  DHPP, Bordetella, and Rabies

  • *DHPP is a combination of vaccines for Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo, and Parainfluenza.
  • *DISTEMPER-canine distemper virus spreads from dog to dog through respiratory secretions. Secondary bacterial infections are common and may be fatal.
  • *HEPATITIS-may result in inflammation of the liver, severe kidney damage and death
  • *PARVO-characterized by fever, inactivity, vomiting and diarrhea that is often bloody. Parvo infection can cause rapid deterioration and death, particularly in puppies.
  • *BORDETELLA-highly contagious upper respiratory disease that can result in bacterial pneumonia.
  • *RABIES-severe damage to the central nervous system typically progresses to paralysis and death. Because of the risk to humans, this vaccination is required by law.




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